Herbal Medicine


Chinese herbal medicine represents the culmination of pharmacology. In today’s modern society we have an attitude of one problem, one pill. This approach caters to the lowest common denominator. Chinese herbal medicine takes a broad approach to look at the wider picture of the person to create a formula that often has between five and fifteen individual herbs. This polypharmacy approach allows us to make a balanced formula that leads to less side effects than modern drugs as well as allowing us to approach a wider range of problems.

Another remarkable point to Chinese herbal medicine is that it is not meant to be taken forever: My goal is to discover the root of your problem and create herbal formulas designed to solve your issues and bring you back to your natural state of health. Once your imbalance is corrected, proper control and function are handed back to your body. Something I see regularly are women who have difficult or painful periods given the birth control pill to manage their pain. They are instructed to take the pill for years, even decades to keep their menstrual symptoms at bay. My aim is to  find out the cause of the menstrual trouble and use a unique prescription of herbal medicine to address the issue. Once healed the patient no longer needs to take the herbs for their cycle to run smoothly.

Chinese herbal medicine is also famous for its ability to rebuild the body after it has been injured or over worked. There are almost no drugs that can give the body more strength and stamina in a healthy balanced way. But in the realm of Chinese herbal medicine there are many herbs that are constantly used to help people regain lost strength due to taxation, diseases and injuries. It is also within the purview of Chinese herbs to help prevent illness. There are any number of formulas that I can use to help strengthen a patient’s immune system to keep illnesses at bay.


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